Faculty Council Assessment Committee


The Faculty Council Assessment Committee was established to provide support to each department/program’s assessment process through the education and training of faculty and to advocate for meaningful college-wide assessment. Information regarding membership can be found in the DACC Faculty Council Constitution. The committee produces a newsletter each semester and provides professional development through the DACC Assessment Teas.


Assessment Newsletters

DACC Assessment Teas

  • What Co-Curricular & Student Success units are assessing, learning, and how it connects to DACC faculty by Gwen Dobbs, Brad Mazdra, Coral Flores, and John Carter
  • How to Write Outstanding Outcomes-Focused APR/AOE Goals – A Panel Presentation by Darla Mathew, Mayra Valadez, Joanne LaTorre, Sara Hanson, Maria Torres, Lamaia Vaughn, Bryan Koller, and Laura Jarry
  • DACC English Department's Approach to Gen Ed Assessment by Amy Garcia and Amanda Cuellar
  • Assignment creation for assessment of critical thinking at Sciences Program by Deepak Subedi
  • General Education Assessment: A Pilot Project by Kathryn Million, Nathaly Herrera, German Moreno, Andrea Severson Lopez, and Christian Nordquist
  • Essential Skills in Science Courses: Evaluation and Assessment by Jiming Chu, Concepcion Miller, and Joann Latorre
  • Experiences with Flipped Classrooms by Mychael Smith
  • Content Specific Flipping in a Hybrid Model by Kathryn Million
  • Assessment in General Education Courses by Marty Wortman
  • Assessing SLOs: Using assessment analysis to reflect on instruction by Shannon Bradley
  • Try It; Track It: Documenting Action Projects by Susan Wood
  • Writing Assessment Goals by Kim Seifert
  • "Casual Assumptions”: A Program Assessment Story by Matt Byrnes & Steve Osborn
  • Statewide Learning Objectives by Donna Alden
  • Writing Assessment Goals by Sue Williams
  • Passive Assessive Behavior by Steven Osborn
  • Simulations, Data Collection and Coaching -- Closing the Loop by Richard Derouen
  • Maximum Teaching Potentials: Improving the Delivery of Online Education by Krista MacDonald, Amy Collins, Maria Torres, and Miley Grandjean
  • The Art of Creating Survey Questions by Lisanne Grant
  • How to Assess the Quality of Your Online Course by Krista MacDonald
  • The General Studies Fast-Track Initiative by Rene Sierra and Mike Teitsworth
  • Using Performance Tasks to Assess Critical Thinking by Shana Mason, Doug Layer, Dave Burleson, and Susan Wood
  • Increasing Student Engagement by Creating, Facilitating, and Assessing Online Student Group Projects by Krista Kozel
  • Using Google Docs & Canvas Groups to Enhance Collaboration by Kurt Depner
  • "System Analysis: A Five Step Critical Thinking Process" by Wade Matthews
  • "Strategies for Overcoming Cultural or Gender Conflicts when Assigning and Assessing Group Work" by Becky Corran
  • Using Teacher-Inquiry to Motivate Meaningful Assessment by Shana Mason, Pierre Laroche, Dave Burleson, and Susan Wood
  • Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter? A Guide to Practice Rubric Construction by Mary Sletten and Don Dutton
  • Brains: The Zombie Apocalypse, Performance Tasks, and the Tech Writing Classroom by Kurt Depner
  • Quality Matters: Developing Online Courses with Students in Mind by Krista Kozel
  • Practical Steps to Assessment by Ted Nothom
  • Story Time:  Assessing Student Learning through Creation by Matthew Muchmala
  • A Longitudinal Study of Business English 1 Student Achievement by Linda Skalic
  • Using Assessment Rubrics for Studio Art Classes by Glenn Schwaiger
  • Using Twitter as an Engagement/Assessment Tool by Laura De La Cruz
  • DACC Learning Communities: A Story of Success by Michelle Guzman-Armijo and Krista Kozel
  • Assessing Finance 206 by Ted Nothom
  • Assessing Fast-Track for Developmental English by Mike Teitsworth
  • Assessing a Cooperative Learning Environment by Amy Garcia
  • Assessment of a few Strategies to Stimulate Comprehensive Learning in A&P by Hiranya Roychowdhury
  • Howz the Multi-Media Doing? Assessment With Rich Pedagogies by Mia Kalish
  • Assessing Student in Finance-Part 2 by Ted Notham
  • Dental Assisting Program Student Assessment by Martha McCaslin
  • Dental Hygiene Program Student Assessment by Evelyn Hobbs
  • Designing Rubric's for Architectural Drawings by Chipper Moore
  • Assessment of Psychomotor Skills” or “How DO I Get Them to Practice?! by Mary Sletten
  • Assessment Strategies in Library Science by José Aranda
  • Assessment of the Art of Game Design by Michael Brown
  • Assessing Online Courses by Oscar Quintela, Nina Javaher, Abby Osborne, and Ratna Pankayatselvan
  • Turning Classroom Assessment Techniques (CAT) into Sustainable Program Assessment (SPA) by Susan Wood & Pierre Laroche
  • Using the VARK Tool for Online Assessment Activities Vark Assessment Survey by Richard DeRouen
  • Assessing for Retention by Ted Nothom
  • Changing the Culture of Assessment by Susan Wood and Pierre Laroche
  • Assessing the Arts and Humanities by Dave Burleson and Donna Alden
  • Communication-Across-the-Curriculum Report by Susan Wood
  • Designing Effective Assignments by Susan Wood
  • Assessment of Student Learning in the EMS/Paramedic Program  by Joyce Bradley
  • Student Learning Assessment in Adult Basic Education  by Sylvia Duran Nickerson and Susanna Navarette Rodriguez
  • Assessing Developmental English by Pierre Laroche, Mary Beth Worley, and Greg Hammond
  • Using Technology for Program Assessment by Kim Seifert