Welcome to Our Emergency Safety Site

In times of crisis, it's crucial to have clear guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone. Our Emergency Safety Resource Center provides essential information and protocols to navigate emergency situations effectively.


What you should know

  1. Safety Guidelines: Access detailed safety guidelines tailored to various settings, including offices, classrooms, and common areas.

  2. Emergency Procedures: Learn what to do in different emergency scenarios, from lockdowns to evacuations, and how to find safe indoor locations.

  3. Preparation Tips: Discover tips and resources for emergency preparedness, including how to create emergency kits and communication plans.

  4. Additional Resources: Find links to further resources and organizations dedicated to emergency preparedness and safety.


Stay Informed, Stay Safe

It's our priority to ensure the safety and security of everyone within our community. By familiarizing yourself with our emergency protocols and resources, you can contribute to a safer environment for all.




Safety Videos