Run, Hide, Fight 

In the event of an active assailant or violent incident, knowing how to respond can save lives. Our Run, Hide, Fight (RHF) Resource Page provides essential guidance on how to react effectively during such emergencies.


Understanding RHF:

  1. Run: Learn when and how to safely evacuate the area if possible. Understand the importance of having escape routes and how to communicate with others during a crisis.

  2. Hide: Discover strategies for finding a safe hiding place if evacuation is not possible. Learn how to secure your hiding location and minimize noise to avoid detection.

  3. Fight: Understand the principles of fighting back as a last resort. Learn basic self-defense techniques and how to incapacitate an attacker to increase your chances of survival.

  4. Emergency Procedures: Access comprehensive emergency procedures outlining the Run, Hide, Fight method in detail and providing step-by-step instructions for each phase.


Stay Prepared, Stay Safe

It's essential to be prepared and have a plan in place for responding to violent incidents. By familiarizing yourself with the Run, Hide, Fight method and our resources, you can increase your chances of survival and protect yourself and others.


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