What is Early Admission?

The DACC Early Admission Program (EA) is designed to allow High School Juniors/Seniors and Home School students an opportunity to take college-level courses concurrently with their high school courses. Unlike the Dual Credit Program, the EA Program is financed by the student and is not part of a structured curriculum for the transition to regular college admissions. In addition, all students under the EA program are admitted in a non-degree status. This program not only allows students to gain college credit but also a college experience in the classroom, interaction with DACC student life and a chance to eventually become part of the DACC student body after graduation or obtaining a GED.



  1. Be a current High School Junior/Senior
  2. Interview with Admissions Office prior to submitting an application.
  3. Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00.
  4. Submit a DACC Undergraduate Admissions Application (indicating non-degree status).
  5. Submit official high school transcripts.
  6. Take Accuplacer Assessment and must score into ENGL 111 and MATH 120. ACT/SAT scores may be substituted for the Accuplacer assessment.
  7. Written permission from high school Guidance Counselor/Principal.
  8. Written permission from parent(s).


Admission Process

Follow these procedures when applying for early admission at Doña Ana Community College:

1. Complete the undergraduate admission application ONLINE. You will be directed to New Mexico State University's application website. Please create a PIN# and Password to gain access. Be sure to choose "Doña Ana" in the section "Campus Where You Plan To Enroll." Submitting your online application is a one-time option and you will not be able to resubmit it for any future terms of enrollment.

2. Submit a $20 Nonrefundable Application Fee

3. Submit your high school transcripts

4. Make arrangements to take Accuplacer Assessment by contacting Testing Services at 575.527.7569 or send an e-mail to admissions@mydacc.nmsu.edu. There is no cost for the first assessment and Accuplacer study guides are available HERE. If you wish to request your ACT (2651) or SAT (6296) scores to be sent to DACC Admissions, please access their website ACT or SAT.

5. Written permission from High School Guidance Counselor/Principal or Home School.


Enrollment, Costs and Important Information

  • Students enrolled in Early Admission status are subject to all DACC academic regulations found in the DACC Catalog.
  • Students admitted under this program are only limited to (7) credit hours per semester and may choose from 100 and 200 undergraduate level courses.
  • Students incur all costs associated with enrollment, including books.
  • Students are considered 'non-degree' and are ineligible to receive federal financial aid funds. For more information regarding non-degree status, please refer to the section in the DACC Catalog titled, "Non-degree Admission."
  • Developmental courses are not available for enrollment, including ENGL 111G (Rhetoric & Composition).
  • NMSU Las Cruces campus courses and online courses are not allowed under this program.
  • Students must be in good academic standing and earn a letter grade to continue on this program.
  • Students who wish to enroll at DACC or NMSU upon graduation from high school or obtaining a GED must reapply under their new admission status.
  • Students are eligible to receive an NMSU issued student ID Card by contacting the NMSU ID Card Services, 575.646.4835, idsvs@nmsu.edu.
  • NMSU Parking Permits are allowed for EA students and can be purchased by contacting the NMSU Parking Office, 575.646.1839, parking@nmsu.edu.