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DACC Student at Pan AM

If you have completed a class, a certificate, or a degree at DACC, you are an alumni. If you've worked here or have been a friend of DACC, YOU are an alumni!

Please join us in creating our network of alums by clicking on the link below and adding your name. There are no fees associated with joining, just opportunities.

Our goals are:

  • Foster an involved and active relationship between students, alumni, and community through mutual investment. Support lifelong connections and partnerships that work for our institution, and for each other.
  • Create value for our alumni that extends beyond their education. Provide resources to help them continue along the paths to their dreams.
  • Provide networking opportunities for both alumni and the community that can aid in individual success and civic growth here in the valley.

Dona Ana Community College recognizes the deep connection between our institution and our community. Built 50 years ago in response to county-wide educational needs, DACC has provided opportunities to students of all ages. We are rooted in the Mesilla Valley, in the shadows of the Organ Mountains, and we celebrate our unique area and culture. We want to strengthen our community through education and community engagement.

We are DACC



Alumni of the month

Will Barela


Will Barela

Will Barela was born and raised here in Las Cruces, but has traveled the world and has experienced higher education in such diverse environments as MIT and Stanford. Now back home, he has amassed several Bachelor and Associate degrees through DACC and NMSU, and has set a goal of a double Ph.D. One of the things that he really appreciates about DACC is that it is superefficient at implementing new programs and ideas, as well as the focus on student success.

Will has been a part of the Student Government Association since 2017, and as the current president, is very active with student events where he works very hard to make students feel included. Aside from SGA, he works as a substitute teacher for the Las Cruces Public Schools, and also teaches chess at the Arrowhead School. An avid chess player, when he dreams of what the future holds, he fantasizes about a charter school for precocious young chess players - or being superintendent for the whole of LCPS.

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