DACC iPad Initiative

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1) DACC student who has not previously received an iPad from DACC. 
2) Register for 6-12 credits or more
3) Have a declared DACC degree (Associate of Science, Nursing, Automotive, etc.)


That's It!

What's included in the DACC iPad Package

Your DACC iPad Package includes:

  • Apple iPad with 64gb of internal storage
  • Apple Pencil
  • iPad Case with Bluetooth keyboard
  • 2 years of Apple Care

The iPad is yours to use for your duration of being a student at DACC and yours to keep forever once you graduate with your associates.  The goal of this program is to provide our DACC students with tools that can be used in face to face courses, remote learning and preparing you to enter a 21st century technology focused workforce.  The iPad will continue to be a tool you can use as you enter your chosen career field, or continue taking courses to advance your studies.

Continuing Eligibilty:

For continual use of the iPad, the student who the iPad was distributed to must maintain a passing GPA and stay active student status with DACC courses. Once the student has completed twelve credits at passing GPA the iPad is theirs to keep. If these requirements are not met, the student will be charged the price of the iPad package or be able to return the iPad package.

How To Order My iPad Bundle

Make The Most of Your Tech

iPad Student Starter

A concise PDF guide that equips students with iPads, offering essential tools for seamless learning.

Apple Support

Get Help and Support - Use this resource to get the most out of your Apple iPad.

Experiencing problems with your Apple iPad?

Aggie Tech in the NMSU Bookstore is your go-to location for service and support.

Welcome to Apple Support

Picking Up Your iPad

How to Order the iPad Bundle
  • First make sure you are a registered DACC student who has not previously received an iPad from DACC.
  • Registered for 6-12 credits or more.
  • Have a declared DACC degree (Associate of Science, Nursing, Automotive, etc.)
  • Previously or currently attended orientation at DACC.
  • Watch this video on how to order your bundle, and thats it!
When Can I Pick Up My iPad?
The Fall 2024 semester's distribution dates are set as follows: On August 15th, distribution will be for students whose Aggie ID numbers conclude between 00 and 49, while on August 16th, it will be for those whose ID numbers end between 50 and 99.
What Do I Need To Pick Up My iPad?
Initially, ensure you've received an email confirming your eligibility for an iPad and that your name is on the designated list. Please refrain from merely arriving without confirmation.

Secondly, it's essential to have your Aggie ID with you, whether in digital or physical form. You can obtain your ID online or by visiting Aggie ID Services at 1400 E. University Ave, Room 203, P.O. Box 30001, MSC 3ID, Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001, located on the second floor of the NMSU Bookstore. For additional details, you can also contact them at phone number 575-646-2306.

Getting Started

I got my iPad, now what do I do?
Once you have your iPad, start by setting it up with your Apple ID and connecting to Wi-Fi. Explore the App Store to download essential college apps like note-taking, PDF readers, and productivity tools. You can also optimize your iPad for studying by enabling multitasking features and syncing with your class materials. For additional resources, visit iPad Student Starter to find valuable support materials to enhance your college experience.
How do I log into the wifi?
To connect to Wi-Fi, follow these instructions: start by opening your device's settings. Ensure that the Wi-Fi option is turned on. Next, select 'DACC NMSU' from the list of available networks. For more details, please visit DACC NMSU WiFi Instructions.
Continuing Eligibility

For continuous use of the iPad, the student to whom the iPad was distributed must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Maintain a passing GPA (grade C or higher).
  • Enroll and maintain active student status at DACC.
  • The iPad is yours to keep once twelve credits are completed at passing GPA.
I still can't figure out my iPad, can some one help me?
Absolutely! At DACC, we have a dedicated unit to assist you in getting started with your iPad and becoming proficient in its use. Our Virtual Learning & Instructional Technology team is here to support students with all the platforms we use at DACC and NMSU, ensuring that you have the tools and knowledge to excel in your studies and make the most of your iPad for a successful learning experience.


I didn’t pick up an iPad in the previous semester(s) when I was first notified that I qualified for the free DACC iPad, can I pick it up now?

Congrats, you have another chance!

  • First make sure you are a registered DACC student who has not previously received an iPad from DACC.
  • Registered for 6-12 credits or more.
  • Have a declared DACC degree (Associate of Science, Nursing, Automotive, etc.)
  • Previously or currently attended orientation at DACC.
  • Go to the How To Order the iPad Bundle question in the "Picking Up You iPad" section above and follow the steps to order your iPad.
I am taking less then 6 credits, can I still recieve an iPad?
Unfortunatly, no. You need to take at least 6 credits to be eligible to recieve the DACC iPad. If you need an iPad for classes and to help you with your academic success, you can rent one at anytime from studenttech.nmsu.edu
I'm an Early College/Dual Credit Student, do I qualify for a free DACC iPad?
Unfortunatly, not yet, you do need to be a registered DACC student.  The good news is when you graduate from highschool and enroll at DACC with at least 6 credits you will be eligible to recieve the DACC iPad! If you need an iPad for classes and to help you with your academic success, as a dual credit/early college student you can rent one at anytime from studenttech.nmsu.edu
Help! My iPad isn’t working correctly/ I broke the screen/ the Apple Pencil isn’t charging, etc.

Take your iPad over to AggieTech at the NMSU DACC Bookstore located on the NMSU campus at 1400 E University Ave, Las Cruces, NM 88001. Every iPad comes with a repair service and Apple Care they will be able to help you out quick!

You can also contact Apple directly with your included 2 years of Apple Care on your iPad.  You'll need your iPad Serial Number and Your Apple ID for complete support and diagnostic testing. https://getsupport.apple.com/products

Do I need to use my nmsu email as my Apple ID?
You can use any email you’d like - if you have an Apple ID from a current iPhone, iPad or MacBook, feel free to use your current Apple ID. If you’d like to use your nmsu email or personal email account please do so. Be sure to write down your iCloud log in information (Apple ID and Password and your iPad Passcode) this important information will help you if your iPad is lost or stolen.
Help! My iPad was misplaced/Stolen

Quickly get to a computer and login to iCloud.com/find (use your Apple ID and Password) it will show you where your iPad was last connected to wifi and you can remotely lock your iPad and put up a message on the screen of who to contact should your iPad be found.  Find out more information about lost or stolen devices here https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201472.

Also email Kathy Bell with Computer support so DACC can asisting in tracking your iPad through the DACC device management program.  kbell@dacc.nmsu.edu

Will my student account be charged for the iPad, or will I have to pay?
Nope! The iPad is yours free, you only need to complete 12 credits at passing GPS (C grades or better) and it is yours to keep. If you do not complete these requirements and do not return the iPad, you will be charged the cost of the iPad package.
I did not do well this semester and will not be returning to DACC for the next semester, can I return or pay for the iPad bundle?
Tough semesters happen, if you are sure you won’t be continuing at DACC for future semesters, please take your iPad to the Cashiers Office at the East Mesa campus at 2800 Sonoma Ranch Blvd, DASR 102A, Las Cruces, NM 88011and return the iPad. The folks at the Cashiers office will make sure you are not charged for the iPad cost.

If you wish keep the iPad but not enroll in classes at DACC you can opt to have the cost of the iPad bundle (approximately $650) charged to your student account.

If you do not return the iPad bundle and do not enroll in classes at DACC the cost of the iPad bundle (approximately $650) will be charged to your student account at the responsibility of the student to pay.
I completed my 12 Credits/I have graduated from DACC, is the iPad mine now?
Congratulations!  Yes the iPad is yours to keep to help you continue having success as you move into the workforce, or as you continue your academic studies. Complete the iPad device management form student-services/ipad/student-ipad-removal
I received my new iPad but am not using it, can I give it away or sell it?

You are liable and do not technically own the iPad until you have successfully completed 12 credit hours in your DACC program. Once you complete the required 12 credits you can request to have your iPad removed from DACC device management by using the Student iPad Device Management Removal Form.

Once it is removed, you are then free to do whatever you wish with the iPad. If you do not successfully complete 12 credits and are not actively enrolled in classes, you must turn in the iPad to the DACC Cashier’s Office (East Mesa Campus, DASR Room #102) or you are liable and your student account will be charged for the full price of the iPad bundle.

Contact Us!

For inquiries related to our iPad initiative, please feel free to contact us at XciteTech@dacc.nmsu.edu We're here to assist you!