Program Assessment and Program Review

Academic Programs submit an assessment plan and assessment report annually. These plans and reports are published internally on the DACC SharePoint page. Program assessment plans are focused on program level students learning outcomes (SLOs).

Advanced Technologies

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Business and Public Services

Health Sciences

Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

Academic Program Review is an annual process in which programs analyze metrics and budget data to identify strengths and potential areas of concerns. The Program Review process empowers programs to align their internal goals to HLC criteria, workforce needs, broader planning processes at DACC, and, when applicable, specialized accrediting bodies.

The current Academic Program Review SOP established a 5 year cycle from 2018-2023. A pause in the timeline was instituted in the 2020-2021 year due to Covid-19. Consequently, the 5 year cycle will be completed in 2024 rather than 2023. Academic Program Review reports are published internally on the DACC SharePoint page.

For more information about Academic Program Assessment at DACC, please contact Shannon Bradley, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, at or 575-527-7221.