Academic Advising

DACC Academic Advising Center seeks to assist and challenge all students to become active and effective agents of their own learning in an environment where they feel safe and supported. Our goal is to help all students develop skills and knowledge that can lead them to identify, plan and achieve educational goals aligned with their values and career aspirations.4

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The Admissions Office provides, serves, and promotes the need to pursue higher educational opportunities to prospective learners of Doña Ana County and neighboring communities. This will be achieved through an open-door admissions policy, recruitment, and retention efforts to enhance the educational needs of students and the quality of lives in Southern New Mexico.

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arc logoThe Academic Readiness Center improves teaching and learning by providing workshops, and tutoring in-class, face-to-face, and online formats. We instill independent learning habits in students. The coordinators collaborate with faculty, particularly through the use of their offices housed in the ARCs, to serve students and aid in their learning and success. Faculty are encouraged to apply for an office in one of the ARC locations, or to hold his/her office hours there, to increase student engagement. We provide an environment that promotes students’ readiness through mentoring, scholarship, student engagement, and faculty and staff development.


avanza logoTo empower students and advocate for them as they navigate college from entry to completion so that they can perform at their highest potential and achieve their educational goals. We are committed to serving all students and acknowledge that everyone's college experience is unique. We strive to provide guidance of how to seek necessary resources in times of need as well as awareness of resources available on campus and in the community


excelencia logoExcelencia Pathways provides for and navigates DACC’s system of student success initiatives, focusing on freshmen orientation, student retention, academic excellence, and transfer student programming.  Excelencia provides high touch mentoring and retention practices that increase and support students' ability to make educated decisions, develop skills, and maximize their potential academically, socially, and emotionally. Our initiatives are designed to increase community involvement and assist with transitions into, within, and from DACC – whether it’s into a four-year program or into the workforce.  

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Financial Aid

Doña Ana Community College Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships is dedicated to providing financial resources to students pursuing higher education. Our goal is to eliminate financial barriers and promote affordable and accessible education for a diverse student population. We are committed to supporting students in their educational journey.

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Information Center

Our one-stop information center is here to guide you! Whether you're a prospective student curious about admissions and financial aid, a current student navigating academics and campus resources, or an adult learner looking to return to school, our friendly staff can answer your questions, point you in the right direction, and connect you with the specific services you need to thrive on your college journey.

Call -575-527-7500

Or if in person is better for you

Chaparral Center DACH 110 575-824-2000

Espina Campus DASH 115

East Mesa Campus DASR 101

Gadsden Center DAGC 100 or 575-882-3939

Sunland Park 106 or 575-874-7780



The library has 4 locations, the East Mesa Campus Library, the Espina Campus Library, the Gadsden Center Library, and the Sunland Park Center Library. The East Mesa and Espina locations provide computers, books, places to sit, study rooms and a combined circulation and reference desk. Gadsden and Sunland provide a small collection and computers.

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Student Accessibility Services

Our mission is to empower DACC students in removing academic and personal barriers by providing a supportive educational environment to ensure full access and participation.


Student Govenment LogoThe Student Government Association of Doña Ana Community College, or SGADACC, is the college’s student government organization. SGADACC strongly supports the various student organizations on campus, because these organizations enable students to broaden their interests through participation in different activities. SGADACC financially supports the Student Activities Office. Additionally, SGADACC assists recognized student organizations with various activities and financial support.


Veterans Program

The Veterans Services Office at the Doña Ana Community College works in partnership with the Veterans Administration to assist veterans. Whether you are a new or a continuing student.

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Virtual Learning & Instrucational Technology

vlit logoOur mission is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of our students by promoting the use of instructional technology as a natural extension of learning. Our Virtual Learning and Instructional Technology (VLIT) unit equips students with the necessary tools and training, including Canvas LMS proficiency, Office 365 mastery, efficient communication with Outlook, and enhanced virtual learning via Zoom.

We are committed to empowering students to excel in both online and face-to-face courses, ensuring their academic success, and preparing them for the opportunities and challenges of the digital age. Our mission is to support and enable students to reach their full potential through innovative and effective educational approaches. By seamlessly integrating technology into the learning experience and fostering adaptability and innovation, we are dedicated to preparing students for academic excellence and success in a rapidly evolving digital world