THRIVE Medical

Amador Health Center

Clinical Care, Behavioral Health, Harm reduction

Services regardless of insurance, background, immigration status or ability to pay

999 Amador Ave
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Ben Archer Health Care Center

Services include medical, dental and behavioral health care to all ages.

No patient is denied services due to inability to pay

1998 Motel Blvd

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DACC Dental Programs

The dental programs at DACC offer preventive dental hygiene services to the community, including, dental cleanings, periodontal treatment, radiographs, dental screenings, exams, fluoride treatments and much more”.  DACC students, faculty and staff can receive preventive services at a very low cost. Contact the dental clinic to schedule your appointment

Espina Campus DASH 80


DACC Dental Programs

Email DACC Dental Clinic

La Clinica De Familia

Medical, Dental, Behavioral services, Women's Health

No Patient will be refused based on inability to pay

Multiple Locations



One Application for...

Medical Assistance (medicaid)
Food Assistance (SNAP)
Water Assistance (LiHWAP)
Cash Assistance (TANF)
Energy Assistance (Liheap)

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