Assistive Technology

The following assistive technology and equipment is available through the Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Should you have any questions regarding services which are not available, please contact Jonathan Winans at 527-7616.

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – a voice recognition system which can control all the operations of a personal computer including word processors, databases, spreadsheets, Netscape, E-mail, etc. This system can be operated by voice command or keyboard data entry. Located in Computer Lab, Room 85.
  • Expert Mouse – designed for limited hand movement. It includes a large, comfortable ball with easy to click buttons and works well with all Windows programs. Available for check out in Room 117.
  • JAWS for Windows – screen reader software that provides access to applications and the Internet. Available in Computer Lab, Room 85 and can be installed in other classrooms/labs upon request.
  • Juliet Braille Printer –  Located in Computer Lab, Room 85.
  • Kurzweil 3000 Read & Scan/Read – computer software that assists students with reading or learning difficulties in increasing their reading speed and comprehension. Kurzweil Scan/Read is available in Room 117E. Kurzweil Read is installed in the main Computer Lab, Room 85 and can be installed in other classrooms/labs when needed.
  • Magic Wand Keyboard – miniature IBM style computer Keyboard that works with the slightest touch of a wand. It accesses every feature of an IBM computer directly and easily. Available for check out.
  •  Maltron Ergonomic Keyboard – single-handed keyboard for left hand usage.
  • Ergonomic  Keyboard – split, gently sloped keyboard that repositions the hands for less stressful, comfortable typing. A wrist leveler provides a way to adjust the keyboard to a straighter angle. Can be installed in computer labs upon request.
  • Optelec (w/camera) – magnifying machine that assists students with low vision to read and write easily for greater self-reliance. Two Optelec Clearview magnification machines are available, one in Room 117E and the other in the Library. They can be used in conjunction with a camera (CCTV – Closed Circuit TV) to project from a whiteboard to the magnifying machine. Two Optelec 20/20 magnifiers are available at the Satellite Centers; one at the Sunland Park Educational Center and the other at the Gadsden Educational Center.
  • Phonic Ear – wireless FM amplification system with independent microphone and FM volume controls.  Phonic Ear is designed for student/instructor use in a large or small classroom setting.
  • Spelling Ace – portable speller that corrects more than 80,000 words and defines commonly confused words.
  • Window-Eyes – Windows based screen reader. Is available in Computer Lab in Room 85 and can be installed in other classroom labs when needed.
  • ZoomText – Computer software that magnifies text. Located in the main Computer Lab Room 85 and can be installed in other classroom labs upon request.