Accommodation Appeal Form

Before filing an appeal, review our procedures for determining accommodations:

  • Student applies online and provides documentation from medical/psychological/educational professionals about their diagnosis.

  • SAS staff reviews documentation, has an initial interview, and collects information on functional limitations, past use of accommodations, and current needs.

  • Following SAS policies, staff member recommends appropriate accommodations and other services.

  • Accommodation memo document is created. The memo can be printed or emailed. A review is suggested annually but can be done sooner or upon request.
    If a student asks for an additional accommodation that 1) DACC does not currently offer or 2) that the counselor has determined not reasonable or appropriate, the student can appeal the decision through the accommodations appeal process, as follows.


  1. Students with questions or concerns about accommodations must inform SAS as soon as they become aware of the problem. They should discuss the issue with their SAS staff member in order to explore possibilities and solutions. Students’ requests
    may focus on changes to an existing accommodation or may focus on a new request.

  2. If the student and the SAS staff member are unable to agree on the issue or the student would like to appeal a SAS staff member decision to deny an accommodation, students may complete the Accommodation Appeal Form, describing the request or challenge. If additional documentation is required to support the request, it is the student’s responsibility to provide it, upon request.
  3. The Accommodation Appeal Form is forwarded to the DSS Vice President of Student Services. The VPSS will evaluate the matter and make appropriate recommendations within ten (10) working days of receiving the issue. An email, letter or call to the student will occur.

  4. Disagreements will be resolved as quickly as possible. During the process, current accommodations as determined by the SAS office will continue to be in effect, to provide access during the appeals process.

  5. Students who are still dissatisfied by the VPSS decision can file a formal grievance with the Office of Institutional Equity at

This policy is restricted to academic and access accommodations. Concerns related to student discipline/behavior or academic issues (grades, instructional concerns) should be referred to the appropriate office or committees.

Notes: (1st) If a student thinks they have experienced discrimination, harassment or retaliation as a person with a disability, they should contact NMSU Office of Institutional Equity at

(2nd) Some accommodations could be denied because they constitute a “fundamental alteration” of the essential elements of a course or program.
Accommodation Appeal Form