Each year, DACC reports a retention rate for both our first-time, full-time students and our first-time, part-time students. The retention rate represents the percentage of students who started in a fall semester and were still enrolled the following fall semester. Most of our other IPEDS cohort reporting is only based on the first-time, full-time (FTFT) cohort and does not include part-time students. DACC’s IPEDS cohort typically represents about half of our first-time students. Over the past 10 years, the cohort has represented between 44% and 56% of our first-time students with an average of 50%.


 Retention, Graduation, and Transfer Our Rates Data


 At the 150% mark (three years for a two-year associate degree), we report to IPEDS the number of students who: have completed a certificate or an associate degree (Graduation Rate), transferred to another school without completing a credential at DACC (Transfer Out Rate), or continued to be enrolled at DACC (Still Enrolled).  The rest of the cohort is considered to be Not Enrolled.





For more information, please contact Jennifer Hodges, Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness (jhodges@dacc.nmsu.edu, 575-527-7734).