Institutional Analysis




The mission of DACC’s Office of Institutional Analysis is to contribute strategic and transactional data, information, and analysis to internal and external users in support of the DACC Mission and the development of a culture of curiosity, inquiry, and evidence.  

We accomplish this by  

  • Creating data tools and visualizations that communicate data in a way that is easy to understand and use  
  • Providing survey support including survey development, deployment, and analysis of results  
  • Ensuring compliance with the reporting requirements of the NMSU system, national and state agencies, institutional and specialized accreditation bodies  
  • Supporting decision-making, strategic planning, assessment, and continuous improvement  
  • Generating data for student success initiatives, equity initiatives, and grant writing


Institutional Data


Survey Tools Available to DACC faculty and staff

The Office of Institutional Analysis assists with a wide variety of survey research efforts including survey construction, development of survey instruments, deployment of surveys, analysis of results, and construction of survey reports.

  • Microsoft Forms
  • Survey Monkey
  • Qualtrics


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