Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid Advisors provide expert services and support for all students to obtain funding for college, minimize financial obstacles, manage money, learn about financial literacy, and prepare for the future. Advisors can also assist students with the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Scholar Dollar Application, which must be submitted every Academic year in order to receive financial aid. 

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Location/s: East Mesa, Espina, Gadsden, and Sunland Park 


Centralized hub for NMSU and DACC students to search for and apply to jobs, internships, fellowships, cooperative education experiences, and other opportunities for professional development  

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Work-Study Wait List
The Work-Study Program provides part time jobs at DACC for undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need to help pay for higher education. The Work-Study Wait List is available for students who are interested in being considered for a work-study award. Apply today! 
Scholar Dollar$
A single application for all NMSU and DACC students to complete in order to be considered for a wide range of scholarships. Scholar Dollar$ is used to apply for, process, and award scholarships each calendar year. This application can be filled out once and resubmitted every year after the FAFSA has been completed. 
Financial Wellness Tools

Internal and external resource guide for students to utilize on their own to better understand and navigate finances, budgeting, debt, and credit. Includes links to free personal finance tutorials and courses for all students, staff, and faculty. 

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