Financial Wellness Tools for DACC Students

ECMC Project Success - ECMC is DACC’s financial literacy portal. Create your own account and learn about budgeting basics all the way to saving and investing.

DACC Thrive – Resources to Succeed! - Hub of helpful campus and community resources designed to support DACC students find success

NMSU System Tuition Tables - Tables providing tuition and fees for all campuses in the NMSU system, including DACC

NMSU Payment Plan - Student account payment plan options published by NMSU University Accounts Receivable (UAR)

NMSU Nusenda Center for Financial Capability - NMSU's comprehensive financial wellness program

DACC Financial Aid and Scholarships - Expert help securing grants, work-study, loans and scholarships through federal, state, institutional and private sources

NMSU Scholar Dollar$ - Singular NMSU system scholarship application used to apply for, process, and award scholarships

DACC Emergency Aid Program - Grant program assisting DACC students who have sudden, unforeseen financial emergencies


Financial Wellness Resources for General Consumers

Wells Fargo Toolkit - Goal-oriented financial planner and tool box with financial essentials from credit monitoring to buying a home

Nusenda Credit Union Toolkit - Library of resources for all stages of life, from childhood and teenage financial literacy to adulthood and retirement management

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - A library of worksheets, handouts, and audio recordings on a variety of financial topics related to protecting your finances

Nationwide Personal Finance Resources - Comprehensive how-to articles and tips related to basic financial planning, budgeting, and banking

The Motley Fool Personal Finance - Best-of articles and guides to common finance questions, credit building, and other basic topics for all consumers


Financial Wellness Resources for the Tech-Savvy

FDIC Money Smart - Financial education program with interactive games and podcasts to engage all age groups

Nerdwallet - Money management tool that combines all your personal accounts, cards, and loans into one easy-to-manage app

Ten Best Personal Finance Podcasts - Article about the best and most helpful finance blogs to help manage money, get rid of debt, and redesign your budget

Twelve Free Personal Finance Courses -  Condensed list of free online courses in personal finance from organizations like Purdue, Duke, and McGill


Financial Wellness Resources for Educators

Federal Reserve Education - Financial literacy toolbox with teaching material for all ages, from kindergarten to adult level learning

FDIC Money Smart - Financial education program with interactive games and podcasts to engage all age groups (grade 6-12+) - Resource center with videos and support materials about business and economics for grades 6-12 and up


Financial Wellness Resources for Advanced or Retirement-Ready Consumers

U.S. Security and Exchange Commission - Advanced tools for long term planning, such as retirement, social security, and investments

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - Directory of financial resources and current events related to banking designed for advanced consumers