Appreciated Securities

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities given to the university may provide a considerable savings in capital gains for the donor.



Support given to a graduate student who works in the classroom or laboratory to help defray the costs of obtaining a graduate degree.



This a convenient way to make a gift. It is tax deductible as outlined in current IRS guidelines.



Funds that are expended in the year(s) following the gift to support the program designated by the donor. No interest is earned on these funds.



Permanently invested funds (minimum amount $25,000) that are designated by the donor to support a specific program. A percentage of the annual earnings are paid out to support the designated program and remaining earnings are returned to the principal to increase the value of the endowment.



Financial support for graduate students to support their academic work or research but do not carry a work component with them.


Matching Gifts, Corporate & State Matching Gift Allocations

Many companies match the contributions that their employees make to non-profit organizations to double or even triple the amount of the employees’ gifts. When you donate, your gift could be matched dollar for dollar by a contribution from your employer, effectively increasing the value and recognition of your gift at no extra cost to you.


Planned Gifts

Life income gifts, bequests, trust arrangements and insurance policies naming New Mexico State University as a beneficiary offer many advantages to donors. They can be used to fund endowments for scholarships or other special projects.



Financial assistance to support students and help defray their educational expenses. These awards may be based on academic success, financial need or other criteria as specified by the donor.


Tribute Gifts

This is a gift made in honor or memory of an individual or event. This gift will be used as designated by the donor.