Students who are completing degree requirements in any given summer semester may petition to walk in the May commencement ceremony.   The application for degrees or certificates must be completed by the deadline of the summer semester.   To be eligible to petition, students must:

  • Be pursuing a DACC degree or Certificate of Completion.
  • Need 12 or fewer credits at the end of the Spring Term to complete the degree.
  • Meet the minimum GPA graduation requirement for the degree being pursued.
  • Degree course deficiencies must be offered during the summer session directly following commencement participation.
  • Submit this form via email, fax, or in-person to the Student Services Office (DASR 106) or any Information Center or registration area no later than the first week of April of the preceding spring semester. Petitioners will not be charged the Spring late application fee.

To complete the summer petition form, please click on the link below.  It must also be approved by the student's academic advisor.



Students who are completing degree requirements in a fall semester DO NOT have to complete a petition form.  All fall graduates will be included in any and all communication regarding the commencement ceremony taking place at the end of the following spring semester.    Fall semester graduates will receive their diplomas by the end of the following month - usually the end of January of the next semester.