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DACC Student iPad Management 

A student's iPad at DACC is remotely managed through our Mobile Device Management system. Managing a student's iPad allows DACC to deploy required apps free of charge, reassign licenses for workflow, send instant messages, secure sensitive data, and remotely lock/wipe devices in the case of a lost/stolen device.The management system places no restrictions on your iPad, and it does not affect any iPad capabilities. 

Upon receiving a DACC iPad, the device will be automatically enrolled in our remote management system. Personal devices purchased outside of DACC are not automatically enrolled in the management system, and therefore, are not managed by DACC. 

DACC Student iPad Remote Management Removal 

Upon completing 12 credits at passing GPA (grade C or higher) or upon graduating from DACC, you may request for the DACC remote management to be removed from your iPad. 

Before requesting to have the remote management removed be sure that your iPad is backed up to the iCloud and that you are no longer needing App services that are paid for and provided by DACC; for example, Notability, Visible Body, etc. Once removed from the DACC remote management these apps will be the responsibility of the student to purchase through the App store.