Information for Families

Parents, did you know that your son or daughter can earn college credit while attending high school? Students who qualify for the DACC Dual Credit Program simultaneously earn college and high school elective credit. Through this program, some students have been able to also earn DACC certificates. Dual Credit opens the door to college and beyond, best of all it is FREE!  Encourage your son or daughter to explore this opportunity by visiting with their high school counselor. 


Dual Credit Benefits Include:

  • Easing the transition from high school to college by giving students first-hand exposure to college-level work while gaining skills and building confidence.
  • Enrich your child’s education by exploring programs not available at their high school.
  • No tuition or registration fees.  Classes are free except for occasional course fees. Public school districts pay for the course materials/textbooks. (Private and home school students are responsible for course material fees.)
  • Most dual credit courses seamlessly transfer to NMSU and colleges. College academic advising is offered each semester so that students are informed about dual credit course choices.
  • Students have access to all DACC Student Services including computer labs, libraries, and tutoring services while enrolled in the program.


Important Information:


Dual Credit Success:

Success in the Dual Credit program requires motivation, self-discipline, and good study skills. High school students will need the maturity and initiative to attend class and participate at the same level as regular college students. The grades earned in their dual credit course(s) will be a permanent part of their academic record at both high school and college. Please discuss these important qualities with your child and encourage them to reach out to the many academic resources available to them on all of our campuses.


Things to Consider:

  • Students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA or better in their DACC courses to continue in the Dual Credit Program.
  • Most single college courses are equal to 3 credit hours. For every 3 credit course at DACC, students will accumulate 1 high school elective credit.
  • Grades earned through dual credit enrollment are part of a student’s permanent academic record, at both their high school and NMSU/DACC.
  • Dual Credit students are admitted as Non-Degree and are not eligible for financial aid.
  • If a student does not pass a course or receives a “W” for withdrawing from a course – it WILL affect the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and will impact future financial aid eligibility.
  • Dual Credit students are not responsible to pay for tuition and general fees, BUT in some cases, certain courses carry a course-specific fee such as for tools in the AUTO or WELD courses. These fees are rare but will be the student’s responsibility.
  • Participating in the Dual Credit Program does not impact Lottery Scholarship eligibility.
  • Dual Credit students may not audit a course or take developmental-level courses. 
  • DACC will have final discretion to approve/disapprove the eligibility of all students for admission and/or enrollment in courses for dual credit.



The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, also known as FERPA, governs the confidentiality of student records. FERPA applies to all admitted students at New Mexico State University. Therefore, parents do not have access to their dual credit student’s educational records without the student’s written consent. Written consent may be obtained by the student completing permission via PROXY.


For more information about DACC’s dual credit program, contact your high school counselor or email

For more information about DACC’s academic programs or student services, please contact DACC’s Information Center, 575-528-7001.