Official Communication with DACC

NMSU Email – All students of Doña Ana Community College are assigned an official NMSU email address for purposes of official communication.  If desired, students, faculty and staff may choose to forward emails from this address to an address of their choosing by changing their email settings.

(NMSU Policy 15.15 – NMSU Official E-Mail Address)


Text Messaging Policy - SMS text messaging is an effective channel of communication that DACC provides to all prospective and enrolled students.   Prospective and enrolled students may receive communication directly related to events such as registration reminders, deadlines or other important information considered critical, of high importance, and/or time sensitive.


One-on-one and scheduled SMS texting may relay any of the following messages:

  • Important or time-sensitive information regarding deadlines, student's account or other notices critical to the admissions, admissions, or advising processes
  • Information that may be of interest to the student including general messages regarding academics or event information including reminders, scheduling changes or cancellations
  • Emergency notifications from New Mexico State University. (NMSU Policy 16.11 – Emergency Notification System)

You may use any of the following to opt-out from SMS texting from Doña Ana Community College:

  • Reply to text message by typing the words "STOP" (best option)
  • Call 575-527-7531
  • Email us at
  • After opt-out is sent, sender will receive a text message confirming they have opt-out from further SMS Texting from DACC.

At no time will SMS text messages contain personally sensitive or confidential information. Messages will be identified clearly with an appropriate identifier so recipients will know who is sending. Messages should be concise and direct recipients to further information or deadlines.


Information privacy – DACC/NMSU does not redistribute or sell personal information collected through its websites, mobile applications, or third-party vendors or applications. DACC/NMSU complies with all applicable state and federal privacy statutes, including the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and all NMSU policies governing privacy and data security. 


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