About the Learning Resource Network (LRN)

Faculty / Staff Development

Are you interested in enhancing your practice, developing new and innovative strategies, and improving your learning? How about learning from your colleagues and sharing your expertise in a collaborative community within your campus, discipline, or division?

The Learning Resource Network (LRN) provides various opportunities, from face-to-face sessions to online and mixed-mode. Sessions are uniquely designed and facilitated by DACC’s experts—your colleagues. 

Unlock Your Potential! Our dedicated faculty/staff development program is designed to empower our educators and personnel with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. Through a dynamic range of workshops, seminars, and resources, participants will enhance their teaching techniques, leadership abilities, technological proficiency, and overall professional growth. Our expert-led sessions cover diverse topics, including innovative pedagogies, effective communication strategies, digital tools utilization, and personal development. Join us in cultivating a thriving community of lifelong learners committed to continuous improvement and delivering excellence in education and service.