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Early Childhood Education

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A Broad Field That Offers a Multitude of Options

Would a career in early childhood education be the right choice for you?

Teachers and others working in the field of early childhood education must have strong foundational knowledge in child development theory and demonstrate practical skills while working directly with infants, toddlers, and young children.

Early Childhood Education

 The Early Childhood Education associate degree program is designed to prepare students to become highly qualified teachers, assistant teachers, or family day care providers in professional child care for children ages birth through eight years. Students will gain a broad understanding of the specific needs of young children and develop strategies for meeting those needs. They may choose to continue their education at any four-year institution in New Mexico.

The DACC program includes the lower-division courses required for entry into the Teacher Education Program (TEP), a baccalaureate program at New Mexico State University. Alternatively, students may opt to transfer to a similar program at another four-year institution. Completion of this program does NOT guarantee admission into a Teacher Education Program at a four-year institution. Early in their second year of study at DACC, students should contact the four-year institution they have chosen to obtain application information.

Early Childhood Development Certificate - This Child Development Certificate indicates completion of the early childhood courses that allow a student to meet the professional requirements for teachers already working in a classroom setting with infants and toddlers or preschool children. The professional certification additionally requires a state awarded certificate issued by the New Mexico Office of Child Development upon completion of course requirements. For more information, contact the Office of Child Development at (505) 827-7946 or 1-800-832-1321.

Early Childhood Administrator Certificate - This New Mexico Early Childhood Administrator’s Certificate indicates completion of the early childhood professional courses (approximately 29 credits) within the associate degree program’s transfer module. Upon completion of the DACC Certification, the Early Childhood Administrator Certificate is issued by the New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department. For more information, contact the New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department at (800) 832-1321.

How to Get Started

It is recommended that prospective students arrange an initial degree-planning session with a program adviser in DACC’s Education Department.

NOTE: Both programs require that student take and pass a security background check in order to take the field experience and practicum courses. Past criminal violations may prevent a student from completing a degree in the education program.



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