Student Council Accomplish Much in Short Amount of Time

Carlos Cuesta Albornoz and Melissa Aragon have been the president and vice president of the Doña Ana Community College (DACC) Student Government Association since the beginning of the fall semester. In a short time they along with Secretary Jaycee Oliver and Treasurer Karen Sanchez have accomplished much for community college students.

Working hand in hand with the DACC facilities department they helped pay for charging stations in commons areas throughout the campuses and centers so students can charge their electronic devices. In addition, DACC students can now attend ticketed athletic events at NMSU for free. Student fees will help pay for the pilot program. Two great accomplishments for these young leaders.

Albornoz, 22, grew up in Quito, Ecuador. He traveled to the U.S. and attended high school where he improved his English and participated in several new sports. He was the kicker for both the football and Rugby teams at Simms High School in Montana where the Rugby team claimed the state championship.

He returned to Ecuador where he started college, but because of his great experience in the U.S. he came back and enrolled in the pre-business degree program at DACC. After graduation, he hopes to attend New Mexico State University and major in International Business.

He enjoys working in student government. “I want DACC students to enjoy college and all it has to offer, like I have,” Albornoz said. “I want to do memorable things for our college, it will take a lot of work and time, but I believe that together we will make a difference for students now and in the future.”

Vice president Melissa Aragon, 28, is a Las Cruces native. She is a proud graduate of Mayfield High School and is currently pursuing an Associate’s degree in Architecture. After graduation she will move to Colorado to pursue a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Architecture.

This is not the first time she has attended DACC. She took classes in welding technology and building construction technology. She now serves as the treasurer of the American Institute of Architecture Students club and as vice president of the DACC Student Government Association.

Outside of school, she is the proud mother of a 7 month-old baby boy.

The entire council have an aggressive agenda for the rest of the semester including:

  1. Represent DACC and research ideas at the American Student Government Conference,
  2. Provide activities before mid-term and final exams to make the experience less stressful, and
  3. Ensure student clubs and their students know all that is happening at DACC.