ENLACE Finds Home at DACC

The ENgaging LAtino Communities in Education (ENLACE) Program has found a new home at Doña Ana Community College.

The mid and high school through college retention program began as a Kellogg Grant in 2002 to improve the rate of Latino and Latina students staying in middle and high school and then going to and graduating from institutions of higher learning. The program targets multicultural/multilinguistic populations and provides supports that prove effective in graduating students.

The ENLACE pathway is based on different but equally important processes.

  1. Parent involvement: Parents are made a part of the children’s education by identifying and linking local resources to help families assist their children in attending and graduating from college. ENLACE also works with school staff to address needs of the family and make technology training available for parents to help them with computer literacy. This part of the program results in students helping their parents master computer skills.
  1. ENLACE curricula is implemented in both middle and high school through faculty and peer mentoring. The training is designed to increase academic success through critical multicultural education, social justice education, youth action research and youth leadership development. The high school curriculum increases access to higher education opportunities, college preparations, peer and professional mentorship, expert teachers and professionals.
  1. A college level course in identity and success includes strategic support for students entering college. The ÉXITO! component which trains students in leadership is implemented at New Mexico State University (NMSU). The ÉXITO! curriculum is culturally relevant and culturally responsive.

Formerly housed in the NMSU College of Education, the program has seen an increase in the number of students attending DACC before entering NMSU.

“It just made sense for us to follow the students to DACC where we could continue to work with them through DACC and into NMSU or other institutions of higher learning,” said ENLACE Director Dr. Federico Marquez.

Schools currently served by ENLACE include:

  • Centennial High School
  • Deming High School
  • La Academia Dolores Huerta Charter School (grades 6-8)
  • Las Cruces High School
  • Las Montañas Charter School
  • Mayfield High School
  • New Americas High School
  • Oñate High School
  • Ruidoso Middle School
  • Ruidoso High School