Drafting and Design Awarded National Certification

Architecture and Construction Technologies Department Chair Chipper Moore received notice the curriculum of the Doña Ana Community College (DACC) Drafting & Design Technologies (D&DT) program has been certified nationally. The American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) awarded the certification through August 31, 2017.

The ADDA certification letter highlights the importance of considering the needs of both industry and students. “It is programs such as yours that assure competent design and drafting professionals for the future… the commitment to excellence it represents provide a quality assurance program that benefits both education and industry.”

“These certifications and accreditations earned by different programs are vital to continuing improvement at DACC,” said President Renay Scott. “Our D&DT program is a great example of a department that goes the extra mile to help students in their program and to earn recertification.”


The D&DT program is highly technical and prepares students with skills in computer-aided drafting and modeling as well as the theory and concepts to become successful in various drafting-related fields. Architectural technology, civil/survey technology, mechanical drafting/solid modeling, and geographical information systems options lead to degrees and certificates for graduates.

These courses provide a pathway into professional careers, such as engineering and architecture. Excellent job and salary opportunities are available nationwide for drafters/CAD specialists and technicians. Transition pathways to four-year institutions include those leading into engineering, architecture, and information and communication technology at schools such as New Mexico State University, University of New Mexico and Texas Tech.

D&DT technician Noe Rodriguez and Advanced Technologies Administrative Assistant Marisela Hernandez were instrumental in the successful effort of submitting the recertification application and documentation.