DACC Part of Federal Partnership

“Project Success” a partnership with the United States Department of Education (DoE) will help Doña Ana Community College (DACC) increase enrollment and retain students through graduation.

DACC was selected by the DoE to implement several programs that have proven successful in helping students select a career path, stay in school and implement a financial plan for their college career. As part of Project Success, these programs are free to DACC for the next three years. DACC is only the second New Mexico community college to be designated as a partner.

Project Success programs selected by DACC include:

   1. An emergency program to help students overcome financial hardships.

   2. To better advise students, DACC financial services counselors will receive instruction and certification from the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators.

   3. Finally, a career inventory tool is being implemented by DACC recruitment professionals to help students decide on a career choice.

“Some students are not sure what their major should be,” said Vice President for Student Services Ike Ledesma. “We want our students to have an idea about what they want to study so they don’t waste time and money taking classes they don’t need. With Project Success we now have access to the SuperStrong inventory so students can explore their career options.”

The SuperStrong inventory is based on themes that show a person’s interests and in which work environment they will be most satisfied and stable. The inventory has six themes that identify specific majors and careers. For example, for those who are “investigative,” a major in math, the sciences, history or philosophy are recommended. Their most satisfying career choices include analyst, technician, optometrist, scientist, web developer or college professor.

The inventory is based on the work of Dr. Edward K. Strong, the originator of the Strong Interest Inventory assessment and the first psychologist to research the measurement and study of vocational interests.

The inventory is available for prospective DACC students and those seeking a degree at the community college. The 15 minute questionnaire can be taken by students through their phone, tablet or computer. Contact the recruitment office for more information: recruitment@mydacc.nmsu.edu (575) 527-7508.