DACC Campuses See Changes

Beginning in the fall semester, students who attend Doña Ana Community College (DACC) will see a new look at both the East Mesa and Espina Campuses.

At East Mesa, students will have the option to enter the college through a new entrance off Sonoma Ranch Blvd. The new entrance is designed to help traffic flow safely and efficiently into the campus. A new sign at the entrance will highlight activities and events on campus. Additionally, DACC will be opening an “information center,” a one-stop-location to help students and prospective students get questions answered that they have about attending and graduating from college.

At the Espina Campus, students will see a new commons area in September to include new furniture to help students’ ability to study between classes, get a snack, and charge their electronic devices. Additionally, the original DACC Campus will unveil an “information center” near the commons area to help students and prospective students get answers to their questions, navigate the admissions process and graduate on-time.

The physical transformation is part of a cultural transformation at DACC designed to improve the student experience by eliminating common bureaucratic barriers to completing college. “DACC believes the student experience should be seamless, supported, guided and directed,” President Renay Scott said. “As a result, we have become more student-centric.”

Part of this effort is to ensure students and other campus visitors have one-point of contact to get the help they need. Scott believes this will help everyone, but especially students, “Students expect us to help them successfully complete their educational goals, and we need to ensure that our organizational structures and processes support them” Scott said. “By organizing our admissions, financial aid, registration, and advising into one area, we bring these services to the student rather than sending the student to those services”.

DACC administration believes that the creation of the one-stop information center will better meet the needs of students.