Getting Started

What do I need to register for the EMT courses?

Click on the EMT Packet on the right to download, this will list everything you need and give you some instructions. If you have any questions, please contact the EMS Program at 575-528-7411 or 575-527-7645.

How can I retrieve my shot records?

Check with your parents, high school, pediatrician's office, or primary care provider.

If you're from New Mexico you can try requesting form the NMSIIS

If you're from another state, you can check with your state's public health office or your pediatrician or PCP.

What if I cannot locate any shot records?

You can have your blood drawn and have titers done for any missing shots, except for TDAP, flu, and COVID-19.

Where can I get a TB test done?

If you're currently registered for classes you can go to the Aggie Wellness Center at NMSU. They do labs and vaccinations.

Some Walgreens Pharmacies

Ben Archer Health Center

3331 Del Rey Blvd (575)373-1033

1998 Motel Blvd (575)541-5941

1600 Thorpe Rd (575)382-9292

La Clinica de Familia

575 S Alameda Blvd (575)528-6400