Workforce Development and Career Readiness maintains the following policies inline with best practices set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and in accordance with applicable state and federal laws in order to protect DACC students and local employers. 

Creating an Employer Account on Career Coach

  • Access Career Coach and under Sign Up choose Employer Sign Up
  • Employer profiles must include:
    • Full and accurate name of the organization
    • Email must be an organizational email domain (not a personal email).
    • Company representative(s) that can be contacted by WDCR staff via phone or email.
    • Verifiable company address (no P.O. boxes).
    • Company must have a professional website or social media presence. 

Job Posting Requirements

  • A specific job title for the position being posted
  • A detailed job description including the type of service(s) rendered and/or product(s) sold.
  • Hourly wage, salary, or pay range (must meet minimum wage requirements).
  • A physical location for the work being performed, or if the job is remote that must be indicated in the job posting.
  • Work schedule, including possible shift hours and days.
  • Inform WDCR if an offer of employment has been extended and/or accepted to DACC students and alumn. 

Reasons for Declining an Employer or Job

  • Employer is requiring employees or applicants to pay fees or upfront costs as conditions of employment. 
  • Position is posted without salary.
  • Company is a multi-level marketing organization.
  • In-home/private residence jobs such as tutoring, pet-sitting, house cleaning, child-care. 
  • Bartering, such as trading employment for room and board. 
  • Unpaid internships or volunteeer positions may be approved if they provide substantial and tangible benefits to DACC student's learning opportunities. 
  • Employees are paid through alternative means such as paypal, venmo, cash, etc.
  • Complaints against the employer have been filed and substantiated by WDCR staff.
  • Employers do not respond in timely manner to applicants or to WDCR staff.

Equal Employment Opportunities

Employers must maintain EEO compliance, NMSU's Non-Discrimination policy and Equal Opportunity Policy, and follow State of New Mexico affirmative action and equal employment regulations in recruitment activities. Employers should consider all interested students for employment opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability and provide reasonable accomodations upon request.