Customized Training

 Customized Training Program

The goal of CTP is to work with businesses, government, and non-profit agencies in Doña Ana County and southern New Mexico to provide professional and technical training for the workforce. Unlike some regular training programs, we work to provide a custom program that takes into consideration the unique needs of your workforce and the workforce of Doña Ana county.

Beginning with meetings between your team and ours, we work together to identify and understand your training goals, as well as your organization’s processes and procedures. By assessing your organization’s needs and directly integrating your culture into the training, we can assist you to increase employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Financial Assistance

We realize that investing in your workforce provides extensive benefits to your organization, but can be expensive. New Mexico Workforce Connection offers programs that can help cover part of your training expenses for current employees or train new employees.

 On-the-Job (OTJ) Training Expenses

If your organization, as an employer enters into an agreement to hire, train, and retain the employee upon successful completion of the training program. Through this program, businesses may be reimbursed for up to six-months

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 Customized Training Expenses

If you require specific types of training for your employees as part of their jobs, then this federal program can reimburse your business 50% of certain training costs.

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Customized Training Process

The Customized Training Process allows us to analyze the specific needs of an employer and create a training plan that meets the identified goals. Trainings are constantly evaluated to ensure that needs are being met and that any issues are immediately identified and addressed.


Mary Ulrich, Ph.D., Director