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The Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico invites students of all degree paths to apply for their 2024 scholarship cycle! Check out their list to see which scholarships could benefit you.

Deadline to apply is March 17, 2024.

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Apply for a FirstLight Scholarship today! The FirstLight Community Foundation Scholarship Program is for graduating high school seniors in El Paso and Dona Ana County and FirstLight FCU Employee dependents.

FLFCU Community Foundation

Philanthropic education organization whose purpose is to help women advance in their educational endeavors. We have a project called PCE (program for continuing education) that is offered to women who had their education interrupted for 2 years whereby they were not able to continue their education. Students must be within 18 months of completing their degree. Our grant offers amounts up to $3000 depending on the qualifications and need.
Contact Joanna Binkley (505) 870-4565 or via email at; ljbink@gmail.com 

What are Scholarships?

Scholarships are essentially grants that do not require repayment. Numerous scholarships are available from various sources such as schools, employers, individuals, private companies, non-profits, communities, religious groups, as well as professional and social organizations.

These scholarships can be merit-based, meaning they are earned by meeting or surpassing specific criteria set by the donor. Merit scholarships are typically granted based on a combination of academic achievements, special talents, qualities, or interests. Alternatively, some scholarships are need-based, taking into account the financial requirements of the applicant.

Scholarships can vary widely in their coverage, ranging from full tuition and fees to one-time, one-semester awards amounting to a few hundred dollars.

Types of Scholarships

 New Mexico Scholarships

The New Mexico Higher Education Department is dedicated to helping students pursue their educational goals by educating students, parents, and the community about state aid opportunities. Several state Grants and Scholarships are available to New Mexico residents to help pay for college. There are conditions for eligibility such as established need, a minimum GPA, or required number of completed credit hours per semester. 

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DACC logo with 2024-2025 scholarship application now open, priority deadline March 1st, 2024. at scholarships.nmsu.edu.Institutional Scholarships

Doña Ana Community College Office of Financial Aid & Scholarship Services offers a wide array of scholarships to assist a diverse student population pursuing higher education. As an open-door institution, our office is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to students regardless of personal, economic, or social conditions. As most of the scholarships require you to demonstrate financial need you are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

All Doña Ana Community College institutional scholarships will be awarded based on the completion of the Scholar Dollar$ application annually. If you're ready for the next step, then begin applying for additional scholarships using the Scholar Dollar$ online application. **please note, the priority deadline is March 1st, annually.**


Donor-Designated (Outside/Community) Scholarships

Donor-designated scholarships refer to a specific type of scholarship where the donor, which can be an individual, organization, corporation, or foundation, establishes criteria or preferences for the recipients of the scholarship funds. Unlike general scholarships, where the eligibility criteria are determined by the institution or organization providing the scholarship, donor-designated scholarships allow the donor to specify certain requirements that applicants must meet to be eligible for the scholarship.

These requirements can include factors such as academic achievement, field of study, financial need, extracurricular activities, community involvement, or specific personal characteristics.

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NM ECECD provides scholarship opportunities for early childhood professionals leading to advanced credentials and degrees. 
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The CFSNM serves as a vehicle for people of all means to make a lasting impact on the quality of life in our region now and in the future.
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The NM Educational Assistance Foundation is geared toward helping New Mexico students plan, prepare, and pay for college.

Scholarship Searches

Scholarship search databases are online platforms or tools designed to help students find and apply for various scholarships. These databases centralize a wide range of scholarship opportunities from different sources. 

Scholarship search databases compile an extensive list of scholarships available for students. Users can apply filters based on their qualifications such as academic achievements, intended major, or demographic information, just to list a few. These platforms have user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for students to navigate and search for scholarships. Reputable scholarship databases gather information from trustworthy sources, which means students can rely on the authenticity of the listed scholarships. They often verify the legitimacy of the opportunities to protect students from scams.

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The free, and largest scholarship search platform. Connect facebook logo link to learn more.
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The #1 college scholarship app
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College scholarship search to help students pay for college

HRSA Health Workforce logoOffering scholarships to help pay for your health professions' education

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A simple and easy search to get matched to scholarships you qualify for.


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Supporting students by breaking down barriers, and offering access to college scholarships.