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AVANZA Student Success Advocates provide wrap-around services to students by connecting them to resources and tools available to help them within their acedemic journey and personal life. AVANZA's goal is to create a personalized experience for each unique student and circumstance.We are able to spend time with students one-on-one, in person, virtually, over the phone, and by email or text.
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Student Success Advocate

Sunland Park Campus
Phone: 575-874-7804
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I am a proud immigrant from Durango, Mexico who came to the US at the age of 4. I attended Gadsden High school, DACC and received my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with a minor in Counseling & Educational Psychology from NMSU in 2012. Currently I work at the DACC Sunland Park campus providing guidance and support to students. Some of my favorite projects that I have worked on have been awarding scholarships to students, providing food bags to families, organizing events and helping students apply for scholarships. Growing up with very limited resources and unable to access some because of my legal status taught me to always be empathetic as everyone’s story is unique and we all experience different hardships. I enjoy meeting with students to learn about their unique situations and helping them in any way possible.

Outside of work I love spending my time with my 3 daughters and my husband. I enjoy baking, gardening, fishing, camping and traveling to new places. I love being outside in nature but my favorite place to be is Mexico. I feel very fortunate to come from such a beautiful country full of culture, kind people and delicious food!

Cynthia Dominguez
Student Success Advocate

Chaparral & Gadsden Campus
Phone: 575-874-7810
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I grew up in Mexico, and I adore dancing, giving hugs, and going to festivals. I'm first-gen in my family. I feel proud of my roots, of the Mexican culture, and that my father and 2 older brothers are Mariachis. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez. Afterward, I was trained in Logotherapy and Resilience certifications.

When I used to live in Mexico, I worked for 5 years with victims of crime in La Fiscalia General del Estado de Chihuahua. Then, I got 8 years of experience with young working for the FEMAP Foundation and the International Youth Foundation in several cities in my country.

My first language is Spanish and I arrived in the US in 2017. I started as an ESL student at DACC. I was a volunteer at the Women’s Intercultural Center. First, I worked as a caregiver and substitute teacher for GISD. Now, I’m interested in advocating for you and connecting students and their families with the right resources. So please let me know how I can enrich your experience at DACC. I am here to support you in achieving your academic and personal goals.



Student Success Advocate

Espina Campus
Phone: 575-527-7659
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"I am a proud New Mexican, having roots that span Northern and Southern NM for generations. My DACC and NMSU journey began when I received my GED in 2008. I began my path in higher education soon after and with several breaks and lots of perseverance, I finally earned my Associate of Arts degree from DACC in 2017. From there, I transferred to NMSU where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology in 2019. My academic experience has not stopped there as I plan to complete what I have started – a master’s degree in Social Work, so I can continue on the path of being a service to others.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling/exploring new places with my family, learning about other cultures, and eating delicious food.

My role is to connect you with the comprehensive services and resources available to address your unique needs. As a student success advocate, I strive to create inclusive environments that inspire growth and resilience so please join me on the journey of transformation, where success is not just a destination but a way of life."


East Mesa Campus
Phone: 575-528-7372
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I am a proud first-generation college graduate, Chicana, and a Doña Ana Community College, and New Mexico State University Alum. I earned my Associate in General Studies at DACC in 2008 and my Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Sciences in 2011.  I was a non-traditional student who began my college journey at the age of 30 while working full-time and raising two amazing boys who were very active in sports.  I am very familiar with the challenges of overcoming barriers as a college student and am eager to help DACC students overcome theirs.  With 18 years of experience in higher education, I am now in my dream job with the DACC Avanza Program.  I am very passionate about supporting DACC students in their academic, personal and professional success! Come see me at DAEM RM. 212A, I’m excited to meet you and support you during your educational journey.


Student Success Advocate

East Mesa Campus
Phone: 575-527-7646
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It is my passion to support individuals in reaching their full potential and empower them as they plan for long-term success. Before my time at DACC I worked with victims of crime advocating for them during court proceedings, law enforcement interviews, medical exams and ultimately supporting clients through hard days. This work led me to higher education where I love connecting with students and truly being a cheerleader for them as they complete programs.

I am originally from beautiful South Dakota where I graduated from Black Hills State University, there I earned two degrees- Bachelors of Science- Human Services with an emphasis in Criminal Justice and Community Service; Bachelors of Science- Sociology; and certified in Criminal Justice and Social & Cultural Awareness. In my free time I enjoy traveling to new places, exploring New Mexico, trying new food, practicing yoga, morning walks with friends and relaxing on my patio.