Dona Ana Community College's Business Management program offers a comprehensive and diverse range of educational opportunities for aspiring business professionals. This program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in various facets of the business world. This program offers a range of certificates, each tailored to specific areas of expertise within the business field. Within this program, students can pursue certificates and concentrations in advertising, business, retail, business leadership, and banking, each catering to specific career interests and goals.

Through a selected curriculum of practical training courses, general education courses, and selected elective classes that target a specific industry or business, the Business Management Program prepares students for entry-level supervisory or management positions.

Overall, Dona Ana Community College's Business Management program and its associated concentrations and certificates provide a versatile educational pathway that prepares students for a wide range of opportunities in the business world. With a strong emphasis on practical skills and real-world applications, graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce or pursue further studies in business-related fields.



DACC's Associate in Applied Science degree programs in Pre-Business, Business, Administrative Office Technology, and Health Information Technology are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). All the certificates in those programs are also accredited, with the exception of the Business Fundamentals Certificate. The ACBSP emphasizes quality in teaching and student learning outcomes in business education through efforts that demonstrate adherence to business standards and performance results. The accreditation review process provides institutions with an opportunity to examine business programs and services on a continuous basis in order to foster excellence in teaching and student learning outcomes. Participation in the review process affirms the business unit's responsibility for the quality of business education and demonstrates a commitment to continuous quality improvement.


Faculty & Staff:

Dr. Laura De La Cruz, Professor/Department Chair
Phone: 575-528-7335
Office: DAEM 100G

Erica Enriquez, Lab Technician
Phone: 575-528-7277
Office: DAEM 100J

Joaquin, Tadeo, Assistant Professor
Phone: 575-528-7041
Office: DAEM 100U

Tawny Aguirre, Assistant Professor
Phone: 575-528-7284
Office: DAEM 100H

James Cadena, Associate Professor
Phone: 575-527-7661
Office: DAEM 100K

Alfredo Guerrero, Instructor
Phone: 575-528-7353
Office: DAEM 100I

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Program Goals

Students will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of professionalism in the work environment and its relationship to organization structure and culture.
  • Demonstrate the importance of communication in achieving operational results in organizations. 
  • Apply a critical thinking /problem-solving process for making a viable choice among a variety of options
  • Relate basic management theories to the supervisory/management of basic business functions.
  • Explain the interrelationship of resources in business operations and the importance of utilizing appropriate information technology to track resource allocation. 
  • Demonstrate application of ethical standards in a socially responsible manner
  • Summarize the legal rights and responsibilities of businesses as they pertain to business functions.
  • Describe the role marketing plays in business success

Business Management

Explore the world of business and unlock your potential with our comprehensive Business Management degree program. Designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge for success in today's dynamic business landscape, this program is your pathway to a rewarding career.

Program Highlights:

Practical Curriculum: Our curriculum is carefully crafted to provide a blend of theoretical understanding and practical application. You'll delve into subjects such as marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and more, gaining insights into various aspects of business management.

Experienced Faculty: Learn from industry-experienced faculty who bring real-world insights into the classroom. Benefit from their expertise as they guide you through case studies, interactive discussions, and hands-on projects.

Hands-on Learning: Engage in experiential learning opportunities that simulate real business scenarios. Work on group projects, analyze case studies and participate in business simulations to develop your problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Flexible Scheduling: We understand the demands of your busy life. Our flexible class schedules, including evening and online options, make it easier for you to pursue your education while balancing work, family, and other commitments.

Industry Connections: Build a strong network through our connections with local businesses and professionals. Take advantage of guest lectures, networking events, and internships to gain insights and experiences that will give you a competitive edge.

Career Preparation: Our program goes beyond the classroom. Benefit from career workshops, resume-building assistance, and interview coaching to enhance your job prospects upon graduation.

Whether you aspire to lead a team, start your own business, or climb the corporate ladder, our Business Management degree will provide you with the foundation you need to thrive in the business world. Join us and take the first step towards a successful and fulfilling career in business management. Enroll today and unlock your potential!

Specific Concentration Coursework

Business Management (Finance & Banking) - Associate of Applied Science Business Management

Business Management (General Management) - Associate of Applied Science Business Management

Business Management (Retail Marketing & Sales) - Associate of Applied Science Business Management


Advertising Representative

Unlock your creative potential and embark on an exciting journey into the dynamic realm of advertising with our comprehensive 15-credit certificate program. Whether you're a marketing enthusiast, a communication buff, or someone looking to pivot into a vibrant industry, this program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge that the advertising world demands.

Don't miss out on the chance to jumpstart your career in advertising! Enroll in our 15-credit certificate program today and set the stage for a future filled with creative innovation and marketing success. Your journey starts here!


Business Fundamentals

Embark on a dynamic journey into the core principles of business with our comprehensive 16-credit Business Fundamentals Certificate program. This engaging curriculum, thoughtfully designed for both aspiring entrepreneurs and career enthusiasts, offers a solid foundation in essential business concepts.

Join us to unlock the fundamentals of business success and set the stage for a prosperous career. Enroll in the Business Fundamentals Certificate program today and take your first step toward a brighter future in the world of business.


General Business Management

Unlock a world of opportunities in the dynamic field of business management with our comprehensive 22-credit certificate program. Designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge, the General Business Management Certificate empowers you to excel in leadership roles and thrive in diverse business environments.

Elevate your potential and pave the way to a successful business management career. Enroll in the General Business Management Certificate program today and seize the reins of your professional journey.


Applied Business Retail and Merchandising Services

Turn your passion for fashion and keen business acumen into a rewarding career with our comprehensive 16-credit Business Retail and Merchandising Certificate program. Whether you're a seasoned retail professional looking to advance your skills or someone new to the industry, this program is your gateway to mastering the art of retail strategy, merchandising, and customer engagement.

Join us in shaping the future of retail by enrolling in the Business Retail and Merchandising Certificate program. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever-evolving industry where innovation meets customer satisfaction. Enroll today and step confidently into the world of retail excellence!


Business Leadership

Unlock your leadership potential and take charge of your professional journey with our dynamic 16-credit Business Leadership Certificate program. Designed for both emerging leaders and experienced professionals, this program equips you with the essential skills and insights needed to excel in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

Embark on your journey toward becoming a confident, effective, and respected leader by enrolling in the Business Leadership Certificate program. Equip yourself with the skills to inspire innovation, drive success, and make a lasting impact within your organization. Seize the opportunity today and embark on a transformative leadership adventure!



Elevate your career prospects in the dynamic field of finance with our comprehensive 33-credit Banking Certificate program. Whether you're taking your first steps into the financial world or seeking to enhance your existing expertise, this program equips you with the knowledge and skills essential for success in the evolving banking industry.

🔸 Program Highlights:

  • Gain a solid foundation in financial principles, including banking regulations, economic trends, and monetary policies.
  • Explore the intricacies of banking operations, from customer service and lending practices to risk management and compliance.
  • Develop proficiency in utilizing financial software and technology to streamline processes and enhance customer experiences.
  • Master the art of effective communication, negotiation, and problem-solving in financial contexts.
  • Understand investment strategies, asset management, and financial planning to guide clients toward their financial goals.
  • Engage in hands-on projects and simulations that mirror real-world banking scenarios.

🔸 Who Should Enroll?

  • Individuals seeking to enter the banking industry with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.
  • Current banking professionals aiming to advance their careers and take on higher-responsibility roles.
  • Finance enthusiasts looking to understand the critical role of banking in the broader financial ecosystem.
  • Those interested in exploring opportunities in areas like retail banking, investment banking, and financial advisory.

Embark on a journey of financial expertise and open doors to a world of opportunities with the Banking Certificate program. Equip yourself with the tools to thrive in the fast-paced banking landscape, where your knowledge and skills can make a significant impact. Enroll today and set the course for a successful career in banking!


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