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Automation & Manufacturing Technology

  A DACC student practicing metal working using a milling machine.

Automation and manufacturing is an evolving, high-tech field, with applications in such areas as aerospace, food processing, and the pharmaceutical industry. It offers some of the highest salaries in the industrial sector, along with ample opportunities for rapid advancement.

Automation and manufacturing technicians are responsible for production operation, as well as equipment monitoring, adjustment, maintenance, and repair in both routine and emergency situations.

Hands-on preventive and corrective maintenance procedures are taught in modern laboratory facilities with the same state-of-the-art, automated production equipment found in the manufacturing industry.

Using modern industrial production equipment, the Automation and Manufacturing Technology program provides training for desirable entry-level positions as well as skills upgrading for those already working in the field.

The program encourages the development of problem-solving skills, enabling students to adapt quickly to rapidly changing conditions brought on by automation and new technologies.

Graduates of the Automation and Manufacturing Technology program are prepared to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot automated systems.