Health Sciences Holistic Student Practices

Seeing you as a whole person

In Health Sciences, we value each student as a whole person, acknowledging the wisdom and knowledge they bring from their life experiences. We actively seek to reform our practices, moving away from past oppressive methods and striving for equitable admissions. Our goal is to reduce bias in the admission process and provide a holistic curriculum that includes essential skills like emotional intelligence and self-care. Additionally, we're dedicated to connecting students with support services to ensure they have the resources they need to thrive academically and personally. By fostering an environment where students can fulfill their potential, we empower them to become caring professionals who make a difference in their communities.

Holistic Essentials for Health Sciences Success

When you're thinking about a career in health sciences, there are some important qualities that programs look for in people who want to join. These include:

  1. Empathy: Being able to understand and connect with patients emotionally, which is really important for giving caring treatment.

  2. Motivation: Having a strong desire to do well in the field, stay professional, and keep trying to get better.

  3. Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills: Being good at working with others like colleagues, patients, and different healthcare workers to get the best results.

  4. Ethical Understanding and Behavior: Knowing what's right and wrong in healthcare and always trying to do the right thing.

  5. Stress Management and Resilience: Being able to handle the pressure and tough situations in healthcare while still staying calm and effective.

  6. Self-Assessment and Improvement: Being open to looking at your own performance, finding areas to improve, and trying to get better.

  7. Personal Values and Life Philosophy: Making sure your own beliefs match up with the values and responsibilities of working in healthcare.

  8. Career and Academic Expectations: Knowing what you want from your career and having realistic goals for your studies in health sciences.

  9. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Being good at analyzing complicated situations, making smart choices, and finding good solutions.

  10. Maturity & Professionalism: Acting grown-up and making smart decisions, plus always acting professionally and with honesty.

  11. Communication Skills: Being really good at explaining things clearly to patients, coworkers, and others, which is super important in healthcare.

All these things help make someone a great healthcare professional, ready to do a great job and help others in the field of health sciences.

Pre-Health Student Club

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Are you interested in joining the Pre-health Student Club? It's super easy to apply! If you're a current student at DACC and planning to apply to any of the DACC Health Science Programs, then you're eligible to join.

Who Can Apply: If you're a student at DACC and aiming to apply to any of the health science programs, you're good to go!

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What we do

In the Pre-health Student Club, we offer support and resources to help you succeed in your journey towards a career in health sciences. We organize events, workshops, and activities focused on building essential skills and knowledge for your future in healthcare.

Why join?
Being part of the club not only connects you with like-minded peers but also provides valuable insights and opportunities to learn more about the healthcare field. Plus, it looks great on your resume!

So, if you're passionate about pursuing a career in healthcare and want to connect with others who share the same goal, consider joining the Pre-health Student Club today!

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