William Wingfield


William Wingfield has completed two Associates degrees, a Bachelor's in Biology, and a Masters in Nurse Anesthesia.  He has published several papers, as well as two journal articles and one textbook.  Will started a company to educate flight paramedics and currently provides a 21-hour course online.  Currently, his records show he has taught over 3700 Flight Paramedics and over 1900 Flight Nurses during the last decade. Will likes to think his teaching has affected a few patients over the years. In recent years, he started a company called Fire 4 Effect Weapon System, building custom firearms.  Stepping out of the medical field, the company was initially developed to design evidence-based target systems' stemming from medical research he has done on gunshot wound victims.  With these targets, he hopes to train our law enforcement and military personnel to more effectively engage and neutralize any threats they might encounter.  Mr. Wingfield also teaches Concealed Handgun Courses in El Paso.