Silvia Terrazas


Silvia Terrazas started her business in 2000 with a small microloan of $5,000 Through the assistance of the Small Business Development Center at DACC. Silvia is the owner of the Paleteria La Reyna Michoacana. She began making paletas (popsicles) from scratch, increasing the quality of the product and the profits. She has expanded her business four times since 2000, and as of 2017, she employed twelve people. Through her business, Silvia has motivated and provided guidance to other entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses.

One barrier she faced was learning English, so Silvia began attending English as a Second Language classes at DACC. Since taking the classes she has been able to negotiate better pricing resulting in greater profit for the company. Silvia believes strongly in giving back to the community, part of her contributions includes providing:  school supplies for students going back to school (through the Sheriff’s Department Back to School Program), and sponsoring sports and special events through schools, churches, and other programs – such as assisting with the Doña Ana Community Service’s Children’s Day.