Jose Alfredo Terrazas-Reyes


I was born in a small town called Saenz in Chihuahua, Mexico, and raised in Juarez, Mexico. I have always enjoyed school. When I was eighteen years old, I applied to medical school in Ciudad Juarez and was admitted. After studying one semester, I got married and needed to work to support my family.  I was forced to quit school due to my financial situation. At that time, there were no scholarships available to help me finish.

In the last thirty years I had many jobs, but the one that lasted the longest was my job as a truck driver. After being away from school for twenty-six years, I decided to go to Doña Ana Community College. I began studying at the Quintana Learning Center and got my GED certificate in 2008.  That same year, I enrolled in DACC as full-time student. 

I received my Associates in Science in August 2010 with a 4.0 GPA. In 2012, I earned a BS in Microbiology as a Crimson Scholar, with honors. I have been working since August 2012 in Doña Ana Community College as a part-time instructor.