Maria G Terazas


I was born in Durango, Mexico. I studied there to become an Executive Secretary and Accounting. I came to the United States and I started working. Since I did not have a work permit, they would pay me half of the minimum wage. This motivated me to learn English and to get my High School Diploma.

Years later, I got my green card and I started working in a Nursing Home. My desire to defend Human Rights was increasing and I wanted my voice to be heard. While working in the Nursing Home, my husband bought a small business. Even though I had learned just a little English, I became the manager of our business.

Some years later my husband died and as a widow, life has been hard for me, but not impossible to continue fighting for what I want. I became the owner of the business and I have been working full time on it, however, I made time and got involved at the Catholic Church, where I helped local immigrants. I helped them to learn about their rights and responsibilities as they become residents of the United States.