Kevin Smith And Wesley Smith


Founders of The Code Smiths, LLC, Wesley E. Smith and Kevin L. Smith set out to develop a small business that could in turn assist other small businesses and organizations in achieving their greatest success and maximized potential.

After deliberating on ways to help businesses and organizations succeed, both agreed on a common principle; all businesses and organizations need a website to effectively promote their products and/or services.

Having developed websites for the private sector, both Smiths knew the difficulties small businesses face in deploying an appealing and functional website. Coming from an Information Technology and Software Development background the Code Smiths understand that it is indeed possible for individuals to learn some basic HTML and give a best attempt to "make" a website. However, without years of experience and trial and error, it is virtually impossible for a "general" computer user to develop a website with versatile features that enhance their overall business appeal.

By leveraging a combined 21 years of IT and Software Development experience, in both the private sector and for the U.S. Government, The Code Smiths developed a WebTop Platform that would allow general computer users to not only develop a website but a custom enterprise web-application of their own.