Silvia Salinas


Silvia Salinas began her academic career at DACC by earning a GED in 1995. Afterwards, she enrolled in the Business and Information Technology Legal Assistant Program (as it was called then). She received her Associates of Applied Science in 1999. She didn’t stop there, though, Silvia transferred to NMSU and earned a BA in Foreign Languages and Government in May of 2003. In December of 2005 she earned her MA in Spanish.

While a student, Silvia studied abroad in Chiapas, Mexico (2001), Juarez, Mexico (2004), and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2005).

Currently, Silvia is a part-time Spanish instructor at DACC and at NMSU. She also teaches GED classes. In 2003, Silvia worked as a dual language special education teacher at Chaparral Elementary School in Chaparral, New Mexico.

She is a native speaker of Spanish, an intermediate speaker of Portuguese, and (as she puts it) a “near native” speaker of English.