Jim "Jim Bob" Leon


Jim “Jim Bob” Leon moved to Las Cruces from Ohio. He had always had a passion for slow smoked BBQ and wanted to turn his dream into a career. After he discovered the Culinary Arts Program at DACC he enrolled and devoured everything the instructors presented him. His desire for knowledge was powerful and served as an inspiration for fellow classmates. Jim took on a leadership role in the classrooms as well as in the Culinary Service Club, CHOP, where he served as President, revitalizing the Club’s energy.

While in school, he began cooking professionally at a local. After graduation, he took his education and experience and put it to use to providing for his family of four by opening his first restaurant, Jim Bob’s BBQ. He quickly grew a following of loyal customers, so much so that he was able to open a larger location on the West Mesa, which also allowed him to expand his catering business. His reputation within the community has grown to the point that a different local brewery approached him to operate food service at one of their many locations. Jim graduated from DACC’s Culinary Arts program with an AAS degree and a 3.92 GPA.