John Juarez


Speaking with Jon Juarez it quickly becomes apparent that his knowledge and experience is wide and deep. Born of Mexican immigrants and growing up in Kansas, he graduated from college in Wichita, and has been involved with computers since the very beginning.

Jon got his masters at NMSU, and began working at DACC in 1989. He is currently the department chair of the Computer & Information Technology department. Through the years he has created curriculum for both degrees and certifications, as well as promoting clubs and activities to help students hone their skills, such as participation in Hackathons (yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like.) When he first began, there was no internet, and clubs such as De-Bug Club were about fixing computers, now they are involved in cybersecurity.

He runs a very active department, and has just finished a week with educators from our sister city in Neuburg Germany. The relationship with Neuburg is roughly 30 years old, and it allows for comparing patterns of education in both cities, as well as such things as childcare techniques, or dealing with large incoming immigrant populations. In August, Jon will travel to Neuburg for a week.

Jon shows no signs of slowing down. Recently, he married into a readymade family (even a cat and dog). When looking towards the future, retirement isn’t even on his radar. With so many new and exciting challenges in front of both him and DACC, Jon can only look to the future in anticipation.