Frank Gutierrez


During his years at DACC, Frank was a member of the Drafting and Graphics Association, served as a tutor to classmates, as well as civil engineering students who would come to DACC for help with their projects.  Frank has always sought ways to perform tasks in a more efficient manner, and is probably the best, most organized, and fastest drafter/designer that Mr. Rios, his professor, can recall in his 25 years of teaching at DACC. Currently working for HKN Structural Engineers who hired Frank as a Structural Drafter. He was soon promoted to CAD Manager, overseeing several drafters and designers, including some of DACC’s own students and graduates.  Frank’s interest in learning about the business, and his ability to multitask, earned him the promotion to his current position at HKN as Principal of the firm with responsibilities including Project Management, Payroll Management, Personnel Management, while being responsible for all invoicing, and proposals.