Sylvia Caraveo


I am an Immigrant from Mexico who was brought by my parents to this country to have a better future, along with six of my siblings. Growing up we lived a hard life because we didn’t have much money, but we managed to get by. My father taught us if we work hard we can achieve anything we want.

After I graduated from high school, I got married and had four children. I was a stay home mother for fourteen years. After my fourth child began head start, I became a head start lunch monitor and a volunteer for Dona Ana head start.  This is when I realized I wanted to go back to school. I enrolled at DACC in 2004, the transition from being a caregiver to becoming a student was hard, but thanks to the support of DACC staff/professors, and my husband, I was able to get my Associate of Arts degree in 2007. This was just the beginning of my journey to accomplishing my goal of becoming a Social Worker. Nothing was going to stop me; I was in the student mode and applied for a scholarship to go to NMSU. I was accepted and went on to do my Bachelors in Social Work. I graduated in 2010, and went on to do my Masters in Social Work.