John Butler


Agent Jon Butler joined the New Mexico State Police in 2008, where his first duty station was Taos, New Mexico as a patrol officer. In 2011, he was transferred to Deming where he continued his duties as a patrol officer and was assigned greater responsibilities within his district area. In 2013, he was promoted to the rank of Agent and was assigned to the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau in Las Cruces. Agent Butler was assigned to the Impact Team which is an investigative team that focuses on identifying high crime areas to disrupt and reduce criminal activity to improve and safeguard the quality of life. He received numerous hours of advanced trainings and investigative.

In 2015, Agent Butler became a certified Police instructor and was appointed as a member of the Investigations Bureau Basic Agent’s School instruction team. As such he is tasked with sharing his knowledge and expertise regarding Impact Team investigative methods and techniques with all entrants into the Investigations Bureau. That same year, he joined the New Mexico State Police Search and Recovery Team “Dive Team.” Agent Butler continued his duties as an investigator and expanded his responsibility by joining a specialty team within the organization. As a search and recovery diver he is called upon to recover evidence, vehicles, drowning victims, and victims of violent crime in New Mexico’s waterways.