Vince Bluth


Vince Bluth and his wife, Mindy, have been Small Business Development Council (SBDC) clients since 2011. They first came to the SBDC with the idea of canning his family’s secret red chile sauce. The SBDC guided him in the process of having his enchilada sauce produced, nutritional labels made, and obtaining an LLC for his business.  Initially, they sold at the Las Cruces Farmer’s Market and then began distributing the sauce to over 200 grocery stores in New Mexico and Arizona. The company was founded on the rich authenticity of Mexican culture and tradition. Pico Bravo specializes in red “Enchilada Style” chile sauce used for popular Mexican dishes like enchiladas, chile Colorado, huevos rancheros, tamales, and menudo, just to name a few. They are constantly working on new chile blends, including green chile sauces and salsas. With the increasing demand for freshness and healthy eating, Pico Bravo enchilada sauce is made with fresh red chile peppers combined with other wholesome ingredient, a perfect combination of taste and freshness.