Rosario Barelas


Rosario was born in Las Vegas, Nevada but raised in Las Cruces, and she graduated from Mayfield High School in 1996. She became interested in Criminal Justice and attended Dona Ana Community College, where she received her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice in May of 2011. She continued on, and received her Bachelor Degree from NMSU in December of 2014.

Rosario is currently the administrative assistant for the New Mexico State University Police Department. She has been with the department for approximately 4 years. She is a trained Victim Advocate and is very important to our department. She has a lot of compassion, understanding, and patience for our victims. She is polite, professional, and respectful, which are some of the qualities that attract people to her. She also volunteers for the Las Cruces Police Victim Advocate Unit, where Rosario will help our victims with filling out the needed paperwork for a restraining order, sit in on interviews and be there for the victim. She may even attend any court hearings that the victim has to attend as part of the victim’s support. She also assists with providing any outside resources the victim may need.

She has become a Jane Jujitsu Instructor and she provides training to female students, staff and faculty within the NMSU/DACC community, and the Las Cruces community. Jane Jujitsu is self-defense training for females.  Rosario is also an instructor for the Officer Wellness and Resiliency program. She continuously promotes improvement and lifelong education.