Robyn Banegas


I have lived in New Mexico for over 12 years, but I moved all around the US growing up. I attended Florida State University and received my Bachelor’s in Secondary Math Education in 2004, and got a Master’s in Christian Education from Asbury Theological Seminary (2010). Recently received an Associate in Computer and Information Technology from Dona Ana Community College in 2020. I taught high school math for 13 years, 9 of which were with Las Cruces Public Schools, but in 2021, I was able to continue working for LCPS and start my new career as a Full Stack Developer.

My education at DACC, and especially my participation in SkillsUSA, was a big factor in preparing me for this new role. When I first signed up to compete in the computer programming competition with SkillsUSA New Mexico, I was still wondering if this was even the right career choice for me. However, my advisor, Dr. Chappell, encouraged me and the other students that this wasn’t so much about winning, but a learning and growing experience. I decided to give it my best and, to my surprise, I won gold at the state level and then silver at Nationals. This incredible experience would not have been possible without my education from DACC, or the SkillsUSA program. Not only did I learn new skills, but I gained the confidence to continue pursuing my new career, and now I am succeeding in my new role and have accomplished far more than I thought possible.