Manuel Arrieta


In the last 23 years, I estimate that I have tried at least 50 cases to a jury in the district courts of the Third Judicial District, Fifth Judicial District, Thirteen Judicial District and Seventh Judicial District.  I have probably handled well over 100 cases in which the matter was either settled or dismissed before a jury verdict.  I have also had jury trials in federal court, magistrate and municipal court. Additionally, I have tried numerous worker's compensation cases (administrative) and labor department claims.  

In the last 24 years, I would estimate that 60% of the work that I have done has been in the personal injury field, both as an insurance defense lawyer and as a personal injury attorney.  Approximately 15% of my caseload has involved commercial/contract litigation.  This would probably include declaratory judgments, real estate, land use and zoning, commercial and contract litigation.  The remainder of the practice has included some worker’s compensation, domestic relations, and probate law.